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My Approach

Posing is a word that puts people off straight away.  What I do is more gentle positioning than 'posing' as you might think.  It's little tweaks to your natural positioning to remove any tension points that might draw the eye to keep it natural looking and relaxed.  When it comes to posing, I approach it in the same way I do with many of the other elements of my business... keep it simple, less is more.  A great pose is one that doesn't look posed, it comes from calm and stillness, like I have snatched a moment in time.



One of the first questions I get asked is "what should I wear to my engagement photo shoot", my first answer is ALWAYS what ever you feel most comfortable in.  But if you want some more detailed guidance.....

  1. I believe that it is important for you to look and feel great during the session. This does not mean you should go out and buy expensive clothing, but rather simply find or wear an outfit that looks flattering to you and makes you feel great.
  2. Ladies I often like to recommend you wear a pretty dress or skirt with a cute top and perhaps a cardigan or smart jacket if it is chilly. I love fun accessories and great shoes. Heels naturally make the legs look more defined and flattering, and it is not often you get your photo taken, so it is fun to wear something feminine and flirty, having said that choose something to complement the location we've chosen together. High heels for a shoot in a muddy wood won't look right, and more importantly let's not wreck the heels ladies!  You can always bring some wellys whilst we find our location then swap into heels.
  3. Gents I suggest jeans or a current stylish fashion forward trouser, paired with a great shirt that reflects your personality. Long sleeve button up shirts always look great and the sleeves can be rolled up to make them look more casual. Perhaps choose a complementary T-shirt for underneath the button up, or perhaps a jumper or cardy to go overtop.

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Keep in mind clothing should match the season in which it is being photographed.

  • No loud patterns or large logos as they are distracting and take away from the mood. It is hard to look at an image and get a sense of who you are when you are distracted by clothing.  The colours/prints of your outfits can play off the location well. Bold hues and strong patterns look great in a more gritty, urban environment, while softer muted shades look nice in a more rustic setting.  No all white or all black attire, and no super vivid solid colors as they do not photograph well and looks like a large distracting “block” in the image
  • Try to co-ordinate your clothing so that you don't clash, and wear colours that complement each other or are the same tone or brightness.  I personally do not recommend jeans for the ladies, as I feel it can take away from the femininity in the photos. Also, if you are both wearing jeans and standing together, your legs tend to blend into one another.

But most importantly wear what's you.  You will relax better for photos if you feel comfortable...wear what reflects your individual personality.

Calkeabbeyphotoshoot_0064Calkeabbeyphotoshoot_0063 Don't dress to play a part,  wear something you feel amazing in you'll be that much more confident.


Loosen Up....

...for natural, beautiful photos.  Unless you've worked as a model you might understandably be more than a little nervous of having a Photographer's lens pointed at you, but that will probably wear off quickly.  The major benefit of the e-shoot is to help you relax in front of the camera before your big day, so by then you'll be a natural and we'll have our plan in place - this saves us time on the day which means you'll be back with your guests sooner.


The wedding venue, a rolling field, one of your favourite haunts?  The choices can be overwhelming. Starting off in a familiar location—anywhere from your kitchen to the place you met—is one way to quickly acclimatise into the shoot.   If you're not sure, call for a chat and we can come up with somewhere between us...

Calkeabbeyphotoshoot_0062Copyright Lucabella. www.lucabella.co.uk

Copyright Lucabella. www.lucabella.co.uk


This shoot was a nice idea, we decided to meet up at the place my couple had their first date, then we went on a trip around their favourite haunts in Nottingham, finishing off at their venue.

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Tips to ease the awkwardness

You might feel awkward with the cuddling up in public but the more affection you show your future spouse in the images, the better your pictures will look and the more you will cherish them.

Don't worry about awkward giggles, they look really great on the photos.

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Package-included engagement/ pre wedding shoots are normally booked on a weekday (currently Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 10am and 2pm) and within 25 miles of DE74 2PP (travel fees apply over this distance), you can upgrade to a weekend shoot on request (fees applicable).

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