One Image :: A story within a story

Swancar Farm wedding

Within weddings there are often ‘moments within moments’ presenting themselves that tell an extra layer of the story. This is another great advantage of working as a documentary wedding photographer; using your eyes and ears with a sharp instinct for emotional reactions means that you spot the flowergirl’s Mum overcome with pride at seeing her daughter through the tiny gap between the groom and best man awaiting the bride’s entrance. ┬áMy favourite weddings to photograph are those where I’m not given a list to work through, but where I’m able to melt into the background and really use my instinct for shots like these.

L~ F~:
  • Linda

    This photo (with your explanation) made me tear up. What a great story within a story.ReplyCancel

    • Lucabella

      Thank you Linda, it was a special momentReplyCancel

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