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"We had planned a small wedding with only 11 immediate family members as guests, so the idea of having someone we didn't know with us at such an intimate gathering was something we couldn't decide whether to go ahead with.

Then one day I stumbled upon the 'Lucabella' website and just by looking at the first few photographs, I knew that Kate was the only photographer that we would trust for the most special day of our lives.  I was more nervous when I went to meet Kate for the first time, than I was when I went on my first date with my now husband.  I was terrified that she would say that she didn't want to photograph us and there was no way we would want anyone else after seeing how talented she is.  Luckily for us, she agreed and Kate is such a genuinely lovely lady that discussing the details for our upcoming wedding felt more like catching up with an old friend.  I was over the moon that she was so nice.
On the wedding day, it was obvious from the very start that we had chosen so well.  When I was panicking to myself after a few things had gone wrong before I had even got dressed, Kate was by my side with her warm smile and calm demeanour.  She is so experienced that she put me at ease and I feel genuinely blessed to have had her by my side whilst I was getting ready.  As the day unfolded, she blended into the background catching special moments in the way that she does best.  Even with such a small number of guests, it did not feel intrusive having Kate around. Everyone agreed that she was so lovely and thoughtful, ever mindful of not imposing.  In fact, everyone liked her so much that I'm pretty sure that we forced her to join us for some of it.
We would 'hand on heart' say that the best wedding decision we made was booking Kate.  They say that the most important person at a wedding is the bride.  But after receiving our stunning 'Lucabella' photographs, it's so obvious that the most important person at any wedding is the photographer.  Our magical day went past in a blur and we were left wondering if it was all a dream.  Kate's romantic relaxed photographs captured so many intimate precious moments.  We can now look over each of those special moments time and time again for the rest of our lives.  
It feels impossible to put into words how delighted we are at our photographs, we adore them.  No one else could've captured our day the way that Kate did. "
Jemma & James

Ringwood Hall wedding review

"Picking a photographer, or any other person who is a professional part of your wedding is daunting, an important task. Marjolein and I made a lot of our choices based on both quality of work, and quality of people. In both respects, Kate was by far the easiest choice we made.

We knew as soon as we saw her work on her website that Kate's style was exactly what we wanted; less emphasis on posed pictures, instead preferring to capture things in the moment. We stopped looking as soon as we saw her work, we knew she would be perfect for us. This was further confirmed when we met her and got a sense of what she was like in person. From the moment we met it was pretty much a matter of waiting for her to stop talking so we could say yes, no hard sell was needed for us, we got on with Kate immediately, and spent a good couple of hours in her company after the deal was done.

Through the whole process Kate was fantastic, perfectly professional, not intrusive in any way, yet managing to get some wonderfully intimate 'in the moment' shots. From the start she was very warm and friendly, and by the end of the wedding day we felt more that she had been a friend and guest who just happened to be taking pictures for us rather than someone we had paid to be there - both her work and company were an absolute pleasure. Exactly what we wanted and hoped for"

"Thank you Kate, you were in our minds a guest that day, had we met you under social rather than professional circumstances, we'd like to think you would have been there anyway we truly enjoyed your company. Your work is worth far more to us than what we paid - it's absolutely priceless. I'm happy that we chose you, and that you played such a part in our wedding day"

James & Marjolein

The best wedding photographer in the UK

"From the moment we saw Kate's website, we knew we wanted her as our wedding photographer. In fact, we needed her as our wedding photographer, no one else would do! She has a quirky, singular style that we fell in love with instantly. We knew our photographs would be amazing, but we never expected just how amazing!  They are unique to us and are breathtaking. We have a lump in our throats, happy tears in our eyes and giggles in our hearts when we flick through our wedding album. Kate has a lovely way about her, she is never intrusive or pushy in more formal shots, and after that you can just leave her to magically snap away!  She is so talented, and became a friend throughout the whole process, from the engagement shoot (which was so much fun!) to our special day. We are honoured to have had her as our photographer.

Kate - it was just such an amazing day and you really contributed to it, being so calm! The photographer is always one thing I think brides find nerve wracking but you are so talented and made our day stress free, you were just like another guest, so thank you!"

Becky & Kev


"From the moment my husband and I met, taking pictures and documenting memories have always been so important to us both. Something to always look back and cherish together or with friends and family. 
Finding our photographer to us felt like one of the most daunting things to "tick off the list" how wrong could we have been!! 
We stumbled across Kate's work through a friend on Facebook and a lot like my husband and i's relationship, it was love at first sight. 
Kate's work gave us goosebumps and maybe even a little tear. The moments she captures take your breath away and from our first meeting we knew this was it! 
From our pre wedding shoot to our Big day Kate never failed to put us at ease. From the "loveheart eyes" to the crazy motion pictures every bit was captured beautifully and reflected us as a couple. 
We would and do recommend Kate to everyone. We feel blessed to have such beautiful memories captured of our special day and it's all down this special and wonderfully talented lady.
We will cherish our photos forever.
Thank you Kate!!"

Paul & Kate Wyatt


"A photographer is an important part of the wedding day... but our photographers were one of the best parts. Professional and lovely, Kate and Mel captured the most precious moments we will cherish for ever.  We weren't stood there for hours on end wasting our wedding day away having photos taken, they told the story as it was unfolding.

Kate, when I spotted your work about 18 months ago, it sounds really stupid but I just knew I had to have you as my photographer, I didn't care about the cost or how I was going to get you over here, even if you were booked I would have changed my wedding date. I'm a great believer that 'things are meant to be'.
The next day after the wedding, my mum was sobbing walking towards me amazed by the whole day but especially 'for our amazing lovely photographers' ..
Now we have the photos....emotional breakdowns have happened every time we've watched them, Dad has been blubbering to the TV screen, my patients are demanding to see them as they have heard how amazing you both were on the day.  Our weekends are booked up from people coming over to see them, tears, laughter of joy and more memories being made as we watch some very cherished ones.  
I needed to let you know how you have touched us all,  you were the start of my wedding plans and I feel we are completing this journey with our photos in such a beautiful way. 
Our guests and families loved you both, and on a bad day I hope you remember  how special you made our day."

Ruth & Ben

Oakham castle wedding review

"Deciding on the Photographer for our Wedding day was one of our most difficult decisions, we knew that once all the hype and excitement had died down, only our photos and fading memories would remain. We looked for someone who had an impressive portfolio, someone who we really thought we could get along with and someone that would make us feel relaxed in front the camera. After trawling through numerous web pages and speaking to other friends who had recently married we chose Kate at Lucabella. It turned out to be one of our best decisions. 
I can highly recommend the pre-wedding shoot, not only is it quite fun, but it is a good way of getting to know Kate in an informal environment and it really does make you feel so much more at ease in front of the camera before the big day.  Kate and her colleague blended into the day like professional match officials; authoritative when required, controlled the boisterous crowd at certain moments when an important photo was necessary, became amazingly invisible and subtle during the ceremony and all the while were as happy and relaxed as the rest of our guests. 
When the photos finally came through we were blown away. Each one was well thought-out and really captured our day in the most magnificent way. The slideshow that Kate created still brings tears to our eyes. 
We felt that Kate's photos brought something special, something genuine, something that is only possible to describe when you flick through them months after the event and you just can't help smiling.
We can not recommend her enough."
Will & Amy


"Well what can we say, first photographer we saw and we instantly knew we didn't need to see anyone else. 

The memories both Kate and Chris captured on the day were amazing, from the beautiful portrait photos to capturing some of the hilarious moments of our family and friends that made our day so special.

Kate produced what we can only say was a perfect package for us and it was an absolute privilege to have had her spend our special day with us."

Will and Natasha

Osmaston park wedding review

"Documenting our lives together has always been a big part of our relationship. Having photographs to record our day in a way we would love forever was so important that we trawled the Internet for hours looking at loads of photographers working locally. As soon as we stumbled across Kate's website we knew we'd found what we were looking for: romantic, creative pictures with attention to the details. Meeting up to discuss things was just a formality! 
Neither of us are naturals in front of the camera but during the pre-wed shoot Kate put us at ease and gave us lots of helpful tips. In turn this helped us remember what to do on our big day and Kate captured every moment beautifully. It was great knowing that every memory and everything we missed on our wedding day was caught on camera in such a professional way. "
Stephanie & Dean

Kind words from clients

"We knew we wanted Kate as our wedding photographer within the first few minutes of meeting her. After seeing her work we were confident she could deliver the relaxed informal style photography we were after. She was also the only photographer to make us feel comfortable in front of the camera, definitely one for the camera shy couple! From engagement shoot to wedding day, through to arranging our album Kate has helped and guided us through the process with the utmost professionalism. We have had a wonderful experience and are left with beautiful photos to last a lifetime we could not have asked for more."

Geeta & Daniel

Best female wedding photographer

 "We knew from the start of our wedding planning that our photographer had to be special - beautiful photographs that would last a lifetime were our number one priority. As soon as we saw some of Kate's photos we knew instantly that she was what we were looking for.  We can't thank her enough for providing us with such beautiful photos."

Lucy & Alex

Copyright Lucabella.

"Kate was absolutely amazing to have as our wedding photographer! We had quite a budget wedding, with the one big splurge being the photographs, and it was worth every single penny. Kate completely captured the essence of our day, without ever imposing or interfering. Everyone has commented on how much they love the natural style of the pictures and how they love the impromptu feel. Every time I look back at the pictures it's as if I'm back in the room again! Kate is absolutely brilliant to work with - understanding, calm, empathetic and easy to talk to. Exactly the kind of person you want to have around on your big day! I cannot recommend her highly enough! "

Lizz & Mitch

leicester wedding photographer

"Choosing Kate to photograph our wedding was undoubtedly one of the best wedding planning decisions we made. Neither of us are comfortable in front of the camera and we always laugh at how unphotogenic we are. On our wedding day, Kate worked a miracle. She has given us the most wonderful set of pictures that portray us and our wedding day perfectly. We are extremely proud of them and would recommend Kate wholeheartedly."

"We love the photos Kate, we will look at them all the time. Rick has the slideshow on his ipad and I hear him watching it at least once a month. We couldn't be more grateful and happy with them. They are undoubtedly my go-to thing after a bad day and will be for a very long time I imagine."

Holly & Rick

rutland arms bakewell wedding review"We knew from the moment we met Kate that she was the photographer for us. We immediately felt relaxed around her and she took on board everything we asked of her as particularly camera shy folk! It did nothing but rain on our wedding day but Kate managed to bring that ray of sunshine to our special day and produced the most amazing photos for us to remember our day by. "

Our wedding album is by far my favourite thing about the entire wedding, and one that we get to keep for years to come, to look back on. 
Thanks again for everything Kate! 
Kelly & Mark

best nottingham wedding photographer review

"From our first meeting in the pub, through to the big day itself, it was clear that we'd made the perfect choice. Kate's personality put us at ease from the first minute and we were always treated to her flawless professionalism. The thorough pre-planning meant everything went without a hitch and the result are a set of photos that we'll cherish forever.

We now have the perfect photos of our perfect day and they have attracted nothing but admiration. Every part of the day was captured from a range of perspectives, meaning we've got to see all those moments that we would otherwise have missed out on. A year on, we are still in regular contact with Kate, such was the impression she left us with - not to mention all those memories in glorious technicolour!"

Lucy & Gavin

derby wedding photographer
 “From the pre-wedding shoot through the photo-booth in the evening, we cannot fault Kate. Her professionalism made us feel at ease, but the fun and humour she bought to the day and through the pictures was fantastic. She isn’t like a standard wedding photographer; the photos are warm, natural and captured the day better than we could have imagined. But the biggest compliment we can pay her is from our guests; we’ve shown our photos off to everyone, and we’ve heard word to the effect of; “they’re so natural, I can’t believe they took so many, I didn’t know they were there” so many times we’ve lost count. Great day, great photos, highly recommended!”

Emma & Stephen

Donington Farmhouse wedding review

"I was recommended Kate through two very good friends of mine and always knew she was going to be part of our wedding. On our pre-wedding shoot she made us feel so relaxed that we came away with big smiles on our faces knowing she'd do a great job on our wedding day. On the big day, she made us feel relaxed explained what she was going to do next and kept me very calm! She blended in whilst snapping away just the way we wanted it to be. We were delighted with our photos. Kate's eye for detail really showed up in the photos and we have gotten so many comments about how natural they were! I love looking back at them knowing we made a great choice on our photographer but most importantly we made a friend! Xx
Thank you Kate!"

Michelle & Darren


“Kate did the photography for both mine and my sister’s weddings and pre–wedding ‘Engagement shoots’.  I couldn’t have been more delighted with the images Kate created in her beautiful and unique style.  She listens to what you want and gets the very best possible shots out of subject and venue.  She captured every detail of the day in an unintrusive, efficient way, and the resulting photos were both interesting and classy.  There’s a good variety of products to choose from and her prices are very fair.  Kate herself is smart, friendly, calm and great with children".

Lindsay & Gareth

Copyright Lucabella.

"Every aspect of the service offered was great.  Kate was professional and extremely reliable and we felt sure throughout that we had chosen the right photographer for our special day.  The pictures were fantastic and really captured the special moments from the day.  We would definately recommend Kate to anyone without a shadow of a doubt."

Michelle & Jason

Standlow Farm wedding review

"A huge thank you to Kate and Chris for providing us with such wonderful wedding photographs, you truly captured the moment and there were quite a few including that bus journey (Chris you're a star!)

Kate, we were so pleased when you stepped in at the last minute to do our wedding photography and you didn't disappoint, you were very calm and supportive on the day, words cannot say how much we appreciate the fantastic memories you've caught on camera, which we'll treasure forever."

Karen & Paul

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