An ethical, bohemian, vegetarian family farm wedding in Nottingham

When Pascale first got in touch with me about photographing her family farm wedding in the tiny Nottinghamshire hamlet of Burton Pedwardine, I had a good vibe about this wedding.  I don’t often shoot short coverage weddings in the peak wedding season but if I have availability at shorter notice I can often make an exception, if like Pascale, you really love my work and want me to be there.  I arrived at Richard’s mother’s farm, the location for the reception, to be greeted with a relaxed and serene mood.  Pascale had just gotten into her dress after just seeing it for the first time!  Her colleagues and close friends who work with her at their boutique design house in Belgravia had designed and made her a one of a kind hand-woven Indian cotton dress and shawl, as a unique and rather special wedding gift for her.  I was stunned by the beauty of this gesture and the love and trust between them all to create something that was so perfectly Pascale, a special moment and memory to be treasured.

Onwards to St Nicholas’ Church around the corner in the heart of Burton Pedwardine.  A small and simple chapel church sitting neatly at the rear of a vineyard (yes a vineyard in Nottinghamshire!).  The setting and the quiet charm of the white-wash walled chapel adorned with warm sunshine made me feel like I was suddenly in a charming French village.  I was immediately greeted by the friendly Rev Chris Harrington, who welcomed me enthusiastically into his church.  His warm and engaging service ensured an enchanting ceremony full of smiles and laughter.  How cool are Richard and his best man’s rockstar suits, and Pascale’s chief bridesmaid’s tutu and sneaker ensemble!? Richard’s grandmother was amongst the small throng of local parishioners who had attended to grace the service with full voice!

The farm is a short walk from the church so I joined the languid stroll of guests to the rustic farm marquee, where guests were greeted with raw radish canapés and bunches of carrots.  This was a vegetarian wedding and Pascale and Richard had made much of the absolutely delicious platters themselves.  I so need to get some of these recipes from them….the endive and blue cheese salad and the cheese table was epic!  (Can you tell I like cheese?)  Plus I have never seen a 3 foot long loaf of bread before….

Guests spent a short reception outside before heading towards the marquee ahead of the heavens opening. This was actually the first time I’ve been afraid at a wedding, as the eye of storm was actually right overheard at one point, but nothing was going to dampen the vibes of this party.

A wonderful day, meeting fascinating people, and as I said to Pascale when we first spoke if I could just be a family farm wedding photographer I would be.  Weddings in family back gardens and farms are becoming more popular these days as couples strive to personalise their day, and these are always my favourites to shoot in my documentary wedding photography style.  So if you are tying the knot or celebrating at home, in Nottingham or elsewhere please drop me a line.


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