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reportage , documentary wedding photography

An important facet of documentary wedding photography is ‘viewpoint’, that is telling the story of your wedding day through the eyes of the people (or otherwise) who were there.  Often this can be Grannie having a quiet moment in the corner before the ceremony, Dad waiting quietly in the living room away from the hubbub of everyone getting ready, your Godson’s saucer-eyes when he peruses the sweetie table….or your beloved dog watching the comings and goings in the background.   This hands-off, observing approach is central to what I do on your wedding day.  It has many names: documentary, reportage, photojournalistic wedding photography but essentially this story-telling style aims to capture many of the things that you might miss, and the important jigsaw pieces to tell the story of you and your loved ones on your big day.

Lucabella offers documentary wedding photography in the East Midlands and beyond.

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